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Benefits Information

The information provided by the University Benefits Committee is informational only, and is being offered in the hopes that staff will be empowered with knowledge about university benefits. In addition, the information that is being offered is meant to help explain certain state and federal regulations and university policies, but this information does not modify those regulations or policies, which take priority. Please understand that the University Benefits Committee does its best to validate other information that may be referenced, but neither the UBC nor its members guarantee the accuracy of any information or the applicability of such information to an individual employee’s particular situation. Any information provided by the UBC, including any answers or suggestions that may be provided by the UBC, are being provided without any express guaranty or warranty, and the UBC does not represent or guaranty that any particular outcome will occur. In no event shall the University, the UBC or its members be responsible for any incorrect information or advice, including any such information or advice that may be provided by another source.