About Us

The Benefits Committee advises the University administration regarding benefit programs for faculty and administrative professionals.  The Benefits Committee consists of:

  • 4 Academic Faculty members
  • 4 Administrative Professional (AP)¬†members
  • 1 retired Academic Faculty or Administrative Professional member
  • 4 ex-officio non-voting members
    • Executive Director of Human Resource Services (HR)
    • Chair or Vice Chair of the Administrative Professional Council (APC)
    • Chair or Vice Chair of the Classified Personnel Council (CPC)
    • Chair or Vice Chair of the Faculty Council (FC)

At least one (1) representative of the faculty and one (1) representative of the administrative professionals shall be elected each year. Each representative on the UBC shall serve a four (4) year term. Faculty members shall be nominated by the Faculty Council Committee on Faculty Governance who shall provide nominees for election by the Faculty Council. Administrative professionals shall be elected by the Administrative Professional Council. The retired faculty or administrative professional member shall be appointed by the Office of the Provost on the recommendation of the Society of Senior Scholars. Terms of office shall begin on July 1. The Chair of the UBC shall present an annual report to Faculty Council and the Administrative Professional Council.

2016-2017 Representatives:

Administrative Professionals:

Jennifer Bissell, UBC Chair (Registrar’s Office)
Lynn Borngrebe, UBC Vice Chair (Office of International Programs)
Tonya Buchan, Secretary (TILT) TBD


Kimberly Henry (Department of Psychology)
Hong Miao, (Department of Finance & Real Estate)
Patty Stutz-Tanenbaum (Department of Occupational Therapy)
Bolivar Senior (Department of Construction Management)


Oren Anderson, (Emeritus Professor and Emeritus Chair, Department of Chemistry)

Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual: Section D.2.1 Benefits Committee

Our Mission

To represent the faculty and administrative professional employees at Colorado State University in regards to university benefits offerings, ensuring that staff views, ideas and concerns are communicated to University Administration.

Guiding Principles

  • Be good stewards of the CSU community in our representation by supporting initiatives and making recommendations that:
    • are fiscally sound,
    • have the highest positive impact for the diverse employee base,
    • are mindful of employee groups we may not directly represent,
    • adhere to state and federal regulations,
    • and are conscientious of “how we compare”.
  • UBC committee members shall conduct all activities with only the best interests of the employees we represent and the University as a whole in mind.

Our Focus

We work most closely with Human Resources, Classified Personnel Council, and Administrative Personnel Council on ideas, issues, concerns related to:

We work to ensure that ideas and concerns brought to the UBC about “Ancillary Benefits” and “Employee Perks” are addressed by the appropriate CSU Committee, Council or Department.

**The UBC can only impact benefits for employees enrolled who are in the Defined Contribution Plan (DCP). Employees who are enrolled in a PERA plan for retirement saving and planning should contact Colorado PERA for questions or concerns about retirement benefits and savings plans.